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Experts In #Innovative & #InterActivePrint

The Print Protagonists. Are a group of Experts who have allied to Promote Print, #InterActivePrint
-We provide thought leadership and innovative, marketing-savvy solutions for print company management, global printing industry manufacturers, brands, marketing and design groups – where ever print has a presence.
-We focus on ways to leverage #InterActivePrint and Print #Innovation to keep it relevant in current marketing communications channels.
-We speak the language of brands.
-We are not just printers, yet have spent decades advocating print and will continue to do so, since we know “Print” is no longer just ink on paper, but also includes textile print, ceramic print and 3D print.
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The#InterActive Print Blog

Posted by Admin

Our #InterActive Print Blog features articles about “InterActive” and “Innovative” print, how it can improve your print offerings, consolidate your client relationships and grow your business.

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